If You’ve Ever Been Intoxicated, You’ll Probably Appreciate These Stories Of What People’s ‘Drunk Selves’ Did For Them

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I’ve never done anything while incredibly drunk that I appreciated when I sobered up. It’s always nothing but loads of regret and a whole lot of self-loathing every morning after a night (or day) of drinking. Never any, “Oh my God! Thank you drunk me for dialing that number and crying on the voicemail!” Or, “Thank you drunk me for spending that money!” Or, “Thank you soooo much drunk me for twerking barefoot in the middle of the street and nearly getting ran over and killed.”

But some of these Reddit users are way more sane than I am when I’ve had a few too much to drink because they shared some pretty cool stories about things they did inebriated that sober them was later on very grateful for.

Dainty Flower‘s story proved why alcohol is sometimes also called “Liquid Courage.”

Drunk me decided to send a private message via Linkedin to one of my contacts about a job sober me was very interested in. However sober me felt we weren’t totally qualified or ready for it. Sober me took no actions. Drunk me felt totally qualified, and my confident drunk message got me the interview which later translated into an offer.

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