‘Smuglaroos’ Is Here To Help You Sneak Your Favorite ’90s Cookie Into The Country

If you were a kid in the ’90s, then you know that there was only one thing cooler than bringing Lunchables to school. No, it wasn’t pogs (very cool) or slap bracelets (also very cool, because they made you feel kind of dangerous) — it was Dunkaroos, the cookie you dipped in frosting yourself. And if you haven’t had a pack of Dunkaroos since elementary school and are now feeling like you want to gorge on them, then we’ve got some bad news for you: They were discontinued in America in 2012.

But there’s also some good news, and it’s this: Dunkaroos are still available in Canada. But then there’s some more bad news, which is that it costs an arm and a leg to import your favorite childhood treats to America — which some people are allegedly doing. But wait, some more good news, again: A new site is here to help you smuggle this very important delicacy into the country at reasonable rates. Nostalgic Americans, meet Smugglaroos, an entire site devoted to connecting you with the halcyon days of your youth, a time when you were ceded control by the powers that be to decide exactly how much frosting you wanted on each cookie.

Here’s how it works if you’re an American: You go to the site — which is actually a promotion being run by General Mills — drop in your email and location and then wait to be matched with a Canadian who’ll be visiting your fair city and is open to taking the risk of smuggling the snack across the border.

For those of you who are more visually inclined:

It’s not clear whether General Mills expects you to pay the smuggler or not — although I bet they wouldn’t say no to a free beer — but they’re certainly putting a value on your safety (smuggling is a dangerous game).

The site offers the following tips when meeting a Canadian to collect your bounty (and vice-versa):

Can you imagine someone getting hurt trying to smuggle Dunkaroos? We imagine that the only injury that could come out of this is you throwing your back out when you forget you’re not a kid anymore and jump for joy after you get your cookies, but you never know — there are some nefarious folks out there.

Currently, there are about 259 people in America waiting for Dunkaroos, so we don’t know if smuggling these babies across the border will be as problematic as our drug crisis, but let’s hope that it’s enough people to get General Mills to bring Dunkaroos back to American shores so we can all “Make America Dunk Again.”

(Via Mic)

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