Dunkin’ Donuts Has Officially Dropped The ‘Donuts’ From Their Name

Getty Image/Uproxx

Consider it official, in a move that no-one asked for or (subsequently wanted) American donut chain Dunkin’ Donuts has dropped the “Donuts” from their name — making some of us unsure what exactly we’ll be dunkin’. Jokes aside, the popular chain started omitting the “Donuts” from some locations across Massachusettes (where the company hails) last year, but today they’ve announced the change is official company-wide at their 12,500 stores.

Kudos to Dunkin’ for asking for this level of first-name intimacy from us — after all, they’ve seen us stuff bearclaws into our gaping maws for decades. Krispy Kreme couldn’t be reached for a comment but the internet reacted in the way the internet usually does.

Business Insider reports that the concept originally started as a rebrand that included a new selection of beverages and store designs, including digital kiosks for ordering, in an effort to modernize the 68-year-old company. While a name change wasn’t necessary, Dunkin’ probably assumed it wouldn’t be a hard change to make — considering people dropping the ‘donuts’ is in step with the speedy on-the-go culture Dunkin’ itself has championed.

Not all fans of Dunkin’ took the news harshly, welcoming the change.

The cosmetic change is expected to come in January, and Dunkin’ has assured customers that their iconic color-scheme is not changing — though they’ll clearly have to redesign their “DD” logo. Call us crazy, but we still think the best donuts are found in all sorts of mom and pop shops across America. We’d always rather be on a first name basis with a smiling face than a giant corporate entity.