Is Ecto Cooler Finally Returning To Shelves? This Product Photo Suggests Yes

02.19.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

Ecto Cooler is probably the strangest product in the history of marketing tie-ins. Intended only to be on the shelves as long as The Real Ghostbusters was on the air, instead the green, citrusy sugar water endured for more than a decade before Slimer finally got busted by marketing executives. But now, he appears to be coming back, thanks to Paul Feig’s re-imagining of the franchise.

Contrary to popular belief, Ecto Cooler, or at least a drink very much like it, didn’t go off the market until 2007. Hi-C simply changed the brand name and let the trademark for Ecto Cooler lapse. Until now, fans had been forced to reverse-engineer it in order to get that sweet orange/tangerine goodness, but a can that turned up on eBay indicates it might be coming back.

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