These Are The Most Embarrassing Things People Are Googling In Every State

Okay, so maybe the people next door don’t know that you’re searching for “pubic lice removal” at midnight on a Saturday. And maybe your mom doesn’t know that you’ve been looking up “how to have sex quietly” in preparation for the visit you’re taking to her house. But there’s one entity that does know every gross and disturbing thing you’ve ever looked up in your life: Google. And that information? It can easily be found for statistical purposes (fortunately, no one’s name is tied to a search for “sandals and socks”).

Estately, the real estate site that wants to provide you with the important data you need to know for your everyday life, has taken a look at over a decade’s worth of Google searches and compiled a (“highly subjective”) list of the searches you and your fellow citizens should be embarrassed about. Take a look and then try to figure out which one of your friends pushed “fantasy bowling” to the top of California’s list or “eyebrow piercing” to the head of Florida’s Google history of disappointment. Wait, how did Nicolas Cage get here?

Of course, some of these terms are a bit of a stretch (highly subjective, remember?). For instance, no one should be ashamed for enjoying The Hot Chick starring Rob Schneider or for typing out “Miss Cleo” or “magic lessons.” Those of you who are looking for a specific location for where the internet is located, however, probably have some explaining to do.

(Via Estately)

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