A New York Chipotle Is Allegedly The Center Of Yet Another Food Poisoning Outbreak


Chipotle has not had a good year. Multiple E. coli outbreaks have plagued the chain, amid other weird news, and it’s been doing everything from loyalty programs to free food to try and bring back customers. And now the story has taken another twist, involving, because everything about Chipotle is bizarre now, allegations from a popular author.

Eater uncovered a few tweets from Eric Van Lustbader, who writes bestselling thrillers, alleging that Chipotle had made his editor sick due to unsanitary food handling:

There was a second allegation, also made over Twitter, in response, which has yet to be substantiated elsewhere. Chipotle, when contacted by Eater, stated that their NYC stores had excellent health scores and that they’d received no reports of foodborne illness. And pretty much all we have to go on is Lustbader’s reports and the claims of a Twitter egg that Chipotle was involved, as it’s not like there’s any shortage of unsanitary fast food chains in New York. The illness could not be foodborne at all, either, as these things can be difficult to determine at first. So, for now, these allegations shouldn’t be a reason to avoid a burrito. But after a tough year, this latest twist is probably the last thing the chain needed.

(via Eater)