Putting A Fake Power Outlet At The Airport Is The Cruelest Prank You Can Pull On A Traveler

Airports aren’t exactly the most fun places in the world. There’s the invasive pat downs or assuming the position for the porno-scanner, and that feeling of being trapped in a wasteland full of overpriced Applebees and magazine shops once you’re through security. You’d think with all these captive people often waiting around for several hours, airports would be better at offering up entertainment options to suck dollars from wallets, but it just ain’t so.

In order to keep one’s sanity, a person often has to turn to their own digital gadgets to make the time pass. That means cell phones and laptops, neither of which are known for being great on battery time. So of course people in airports are going to want to have access to power plugs. Unfortunately for them, this is another thing many airports seem to lack. Some in fact even have special plugs that only maintenance workers can use, further infuriating the poor sucker who has 7% battery life left and all his pertinent travel info on his phone.

So now that we’ve set up the Kafkaesuqe nightmare that is many airports, let’s enjoy this prank video from Rich Ferguson where he takes the faceplate for a power outlet and tacky tapes it to the wall in an airport. Marvel at all the people willing to crawl around and sit on the floor like animals to charge their devices. See their impotent rage as they try to stick their power adapter into a fake outlet for the 20th time. What’s most surprising about this video is no one got punched in the face.

(via BroBible)