A Fart Tracker Made A Fart Noise And Failed To Get Kickstarted


Farts are funny and we like hearing the science behind them (pun intended), but apparently farts aren’t that hilarious or interesting enough to warrant a Fitbit-style device to keep tabs on your precious butt gasses that you release throughout the day. The Kickstarter for the CH4 sat on a whoopee cushion and failed miserably, earning only $3,827 with the product’s goal being a lofty $180,000. We seriously think that the money given to this Kickstarter was based on the extremely cute animated video of oranges (Or are they orange-colored ping pong balls?) passing gas and a product sketch that looks like it was drawn on a bar napkin after a few drinks.

The CH4, which is named after the chemical compound for methane, would have attached to your belt or waistband and would monitor your beefs (and possibly queefs) and pair with a smartphone app where you could specifically state what you ate that day. The app would track what you ate and would determine which foods give you the most gas. It doesn’t take an app or a dorky wearable device to make someone realize that a six pack of Bud Light, Chipotle, and steamed broccoli makes them fart a lot.

The CH4 had many critics, but maybe the CH4 would have had a different fate if it was named something different like the FartKnocker5000. In a world with a lot of useless gadgets, tracking our farts just isn’t on our minds; we just let them slip away and forget about them.

(Via The Verge)