These Dishes From Around The World Deserve To Get The Food Truck Treatment

The food truck has become a cornerstone of western cuisine. They’re the spot where you’re going to get a terrific taco, bangin’ burger, classic cubanos, and masterful mac and cheese. In the wake of Roy Choi’s Kogi revolution you’ll also find some fantastic fusions out there — like poke burritos and carnitas baos. And, you know what, all of that’s just fine.

However, maybe it’s time we start embracing some of the lesser known, equally delicious street foods from various corners of the world. We’ve got all the taco trucks we can handle right now, thank you very much. So, we decided to do a little brainstorming and gathered up a list of classic street foods we’d love to see some enterprising chef throw down in a food truck ASAP.

We’re sure you’ll have some ideas as well, so drop some knowledge on us in the comments.