[Updated] Here’s All The Free Food You Can Score Just For Voting Today

and 11.08.16 1 year ago 4 Comments



You might not have heard, but today is sort of gonna be a BFD for America. You know, Election Day. New president. Future of the nation. That stuff.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of early or absentee voting, you’ll definitely want to make sure to take a trip to you nearest polling location. Because first of all, it’s important to vote (obviously) but second of all — you get a free sticker to show off on social media! And that sticker might just help you snag some free goodies from retailers who are interested in supporting voters.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: any company that offers free stuff in direct exchange for proof of voting is actually committing election fraud, based on US Code 597. That said, who care? Free food is free food, and when it comes right down to it, it’s the companies who will be dinged if anyone decides to pursue action against them, not you.

Here’s a roundup of companies offering free food — illegally or no — on Tuesday. Take off work early, hit up all of them, and, oh yeah…VOTE. Because, as Obama says, if you can find time to snag a free taco, you can find time to vote.

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