Failed Fake President Selina Meyer From ‘Veep’ Is Now Urging Young People To Vote

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Sure, Veep‘s writers have encountered some trouble thanks to the craziness that is the current presidential election. Then again, their Emmy win hasn’t stopped them from making light of the current scenario American voters face — a final face-off between Hillary Clinton, the real world’s far better equivalent to the show’s fictional Selina Meyer, and Donald Trump. Hence Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) appearance with her assistant, Gary Walsh (Tony Hale) in a new voting PSA from HBO.

“Apparently the reason I lost the election was that young people didn’t turn out to vote,” Meyer says before being interrupted by Walsh’s fact-checking: “Or old people, and it was cold on election day.”

“So the two reasons I lost: weather, which we can’t control, and Millennial apathy, which you can,” she corrects herself. “When you don’t vote, you’re giving your power to someone else. Someone probably less informed and more motivated. So please vote. This matters.”

Gary bugs her about whether or not she’s running again (she isn’t), and why she cares about young people voting (“Because of all the things I just said.”), thereby teasing Veep fans hungry for more of the show’s biting satire after an amazing fifth season.

(Via Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Twitter)

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