Hooters Will Give You 10 Wings If You’ll Shred A Picture Of Your Ex On Valentine’s Day


After a tough break-up
, it can be therapeutic to round up a few pictures of your ex and shred them. Is it petty? Sure. A little immature? Maybe. But still… it’s just a photo.

As if you needed any more incentives to destroy the images from a failed relationship, Hooters wants to feed you for your trouble on Valentine’s Day. The famous fast food chain known for its chesty, tight t-shirt sporting waitresses (and new, non chesty chain) aims to ease your transition into single life by plying you with saucy wings. They want you to “shred ’em and forget ’em.”

The promotion asks customers to bring in photos of their former loves and shred them in a symbolic show of freedom on February 14th. For your public display of independence, Hooters will give you 10 free boneless wings (as long as you pay for 10 wings, which means you’re eating 20 wings solo, which is a lot and might just be having an effect on your dating status). The Hooters waitresses will be on hand to help you shred the photo and perhaps leave you with a shred of hope that you could date one of them.

This isn’t the first time Hooters has held this promotion. They launched it last year for the first time and over 25,000 people decided to move on (and into a world of free wings) by ripping up photos of ex-bae.

If public shredding isn’t for you, you can go visit the Hooters website and upload a photo of your ex and fill out a questionnaire about how things went so terribly wrong. If customers complete the #ShredYourEx quiz online, they’ll receive a digital coupon for the heard-earned, saucy wings. Everyone knows free food is guaranteed to make you feel better. At least until later that night when you touch the other side of the bed only to realize how bitterly cold it is. Plus the indigestion. That will probably kick in around bedtime too.

But, a potential stomachache is acceptable because you get to choose from one of seventeen wing sauces. Yes, seventeen. Who knew there was even that many sauces in the world? Choosing between Buffalo, Chipotle Honey and 15 others really ought to make you realize that options abound and there really are more fish in the sea.