‘Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!’ — How The Way You Travel Will Change In The Future

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This article is part of #Future, a new UPROXX section that covers where the world is headed and how things have changed since 1989. Powered by Toyota.

It’s never been easy to predict the future. In 1989’s Back to the Future Part II, screenwriter Bob Gale envisioned 2015 with flying cars, soaring hoverboards, and fax machines on every corner. His predictions were hit and miss —  yes, there is a hoverboard that can glide about an inch off the ground, but the fax machine died when the world went digital. While flying cars are noticeably absent from the skies, the vehicles that Doc Brown and Marty loved so much are closer than you might think.

The Toyota Back to the Future partnership is proof that the very human impulse to dream huge is one thing that hasn’t changed since 1989. The predictions and hopes we have in 2015 for our own distant future, are bigger and bolder than ever before.

Like the predictions made in Back to the Future, Part II, many of the ways our lives will change relate to how we travel. Not to go all Doc Brown, but the future of travel will completely alter how we relate to the environment, to other people, to time, and to distance. To get you prepared for the future, we’ve outlined glimpses of future travel that you can experience today, plus things for you to look forward to a little further down the space/time continuum.

**Stick around to the end of the article for an interview with two of the world’s leading futurists.**

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