Good News, Angry Drunks, A New Study Says You Might Be Less Prone To Obesity

Life & Culture Writer


People who drink don’t always use the best judgement. Some of them may take off their pants and pass out in a bathroom of the Busch Stadium. Some of them might leave a $1,088 tip on a $60 bill only to return the following day and ask for their money back. And some might want to mix it up, challenging anyone in a ten-foot radius to trivia and feats of strength. But, people who can say “Do you want to go outside and say that?” without irony may have a genetic leg up on the rest of us.

A recent study, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, discovered men with a genetic mutation that makes them more likely to be reckless, particularly when drunk, may be protected from obesity and insulin resistance, both tied to type 2 diabetes.

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