This Woman Caught A ‘Ghost’ Terrorizing Her Kitchen On Video And It Is Terrifying

09.25.15 3 years ago 43 Comments

If you don’t believe in ghosts, the video you’re about to see might make you change your mind. If you do believe in ghosts, this video (and its air of casual horror) might make you never want to sleep again. Or at least not without the lights on. Unfortunately, not even the lights could save one Facebook user from whatever’s haunting her house, because what you’re about to see happened with all the lights firmly set to their “on” positions.

Posted by Ashy Murphy with the tagline “Its getting way worse I defo have to move house,” the minute-long video, which shows someone’s kitchen being inhabited by a (possibly) malevolent spirit, has gone viral, attracting millions of viewers to a scene which includes a pan crashing, a broom falling over, and a bucket sliding across the floor. Don’t think that’s scary? Watch the video and see if your thoughts change. They just might.

Terrifying, right?

Some people, of course, might say that this is a coincidence or that the user who created the video rigged the whole thing. But who has time for that? Well, technically a lot of people, but I want to believe. Don’t you?

(Via Facebook)

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