This Giant Huntsman Spider Lives On An Animal Rescue, And In Your Nightmares

Huntsman spiders, named for their speed and their hunting skills, are pretty common anywhere it’s warmish and relatively moist, from Texas to Australia. They’re generally harmless to people in good health, and won’t bite unless provoked or otherwise goaded. This is important to keep in mind because we’re about to show you one the size of your face.

Found, where else, in Australia, specifically at Barnyard Betty’s Rescue, which specializes in farm animal rescue in the Brisbane Valley, the spider was quickly dubbed Charlotte. Which is a good name for a spider this size, because otherwise people would probably stomp it sight unseen.

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If you’re wondering, while there is a spider called the “giant huntsman spider,” it’s one of a multitude of different types of huntsman, and it was first discovered in 2001 in Laos. It also lives in caves well away from people, not in the barnyard, so it’s still up in the air just what Charlotte’s deal actually is. But one thing we do know is that it’s drawn a ton of attention to the rescue where she lives, which is mostly full of adorable barnyard animals and photos of goats in sweaters. Maybe look at those if you’re afraid of spiders to calm down.

(via The Daily Mail)