Learn From The Mistakes Made By This Foiled Ham Thief Before Trying A Cured Meat Heist Of Your Own


A heist played out like an old-timey cartoon in Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain, when a thief broke into a tapas restaurant, stole a cash register, a TV, and five large legs of delicious cured ham. Normally, this would be a difficult crime to solve, especially if the ham was devoured by the culprits, but the thief was caught almost immediately due to his own stupidity. To think — he would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the restaurant owner’s mother-in-law and wife acting as a pair of meddling sleuths that followed the trail he left by dragging the meat to his home directly behind the restaurant.

In no way are we endorsing the stealing of tasty hams, but if you do it, at least lift them off the ground and don’t create a trail of fat leading directly to your home, alright?

Naturally, Domingo Infante, the owner of the restaurant was saddened by the break-in, but pleased that of all the thieves in the world, he got a really dumb one:

“We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry yesterday. It’s like something out of a silly film. I’ve never imagined my wife and mother-in-law would turn out to be the detectives who solved this.

And even then they thought the fat trail from the ham would lead to a car park and a vehicle that had long gone, not a house in the street behind us. There were traces of fat everywhere, on the pavement outside the property, the stairs and even the front door.”

That’s a lesson we can all learn from this – don’t leave trails of fat to your front door when you steal cured meats. Simple.

(Via The Local)