Heinz Announced ‘Mayochup’ And Was Promptly Reminded That They Weren’t First

04.13.18 11 months ago 9 Comments


If anything has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in the technological age in which we live, it’s that the internet does not forget. No matter what the issue, no matter how small the minutiae, someone will always come through with receipts. Heinz is learning this the hard way on the heels of the introduction of their latest product — mayo fused with ketchup, a.k.a “mayochup.”

They’ve yet to launch the new product, but they ran a poll on whether or not they should release it in the United States.

People gave enough “yes” votes to release it here, but not before reminding Heinz they weren’t the first to create a mayonnaise and ketchup concoction and bottle it.

Utah was especially aggravated about this massive, galvanizing issue.

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