Hello Kitty Wine Is Here And It’s Been Years In The Making

There isn’t much cute to a wine hangover. In fact, they often involve the cruelty of your face on a bathroom floor, boozy grape juice splattered on the walls and every sound kicking your brain in the nards. Luckily, Hello Kitty is here to make being a wino super kawaii.

Sanrio‘s most recognizable character is using her adorable charms to get you to buy booze. The Los Angeles Times reports that Torti Winery’s Hello Kitty wine is ready to make your acquaintance. Customers now have the opportunity to drink such offerings as Sweet Pink (a sparkling rosé), Cupido (a sparkling white wine) and Charmy (a white non-sparkling wine) among others.

The decision to partner with Sanrio for Hello Kitty branded wine is not without precedent. Torti Winery has been designating a portion of its harvest for the European and Asian markets since 2007. It’s a pairing that the family-owned business takes seriously.

“My father and my sister take care of the production, from the soil to picking the grapes,” said Patrizia Torti. “We produce a special bottle with a heart, only for Hello Kitty.”

The wines are available both in person and to take away at Santa Ana’s Antonello Ristorante. If you can’t nab a bottle, don’t worry. There’s no law against putting pictures of whatever you like on your beverage container. Want to drink Colt 45 out of a bottle with Pat Sajak’s face taped on it? Go for it! Same goes for Hello Kitty.

(Via Los Angeles Times)