You’ll Question Everything About A Hotel’s Cleanliness After Reading This Note

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Getty Image / Bill Pugliano

In the mood to do laps in a tub of Purell? This tale of a note found in a hotel guest’s bedsheets should get you there.

Over at Reddit, a one-time denizen of a Courtyard by Marriott hotel shared the story of what greeted them when they were ready to hit the hay. The post, titled “Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night…” (UNSETTLING) put this paranoia-fuelling message on display:

Yuck! Granted, you sorta expect a bit of nastiness when you stay at a hotel and maybe the occasional splash of supernatural horror, but finding a note like this will have you running to the shower. Well, provided you don’t think the shower’s gnarly too.

To be fair, it’s not unusual for an employee at any workplace to have something slip their mind, so there’s a smidge of slack that you might be willing to cut. Plus, the note’s mysterious origin could mean it’s a prank designed to drive germophobes into a fit of madness. If so, mission accomplished!

The popular pic has beckoned a lot of hotel horror stories in the comments, some of which are too gag-inducing to hit you with on a Sunday. The most important comment however is the top one of the bunch that seems to suggest we might have a new trend on our hands.

“I’m definitely going to start putting these notes in my hotel beds when I check out.” shared user Ipecactus.

Be sure to keep that in mind next time you hear something in your hotel accommodations crinkle. Heck, you probably won’t be able to get it out of your head now.

(via Reddit Pics)