How Millennials Are Changing The Way Hotels Approach Fitness

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09.13.16 6 Comments

We already know that millennials are willing to spend for the best food and booze. But what else millennials are looking for? American Express Travel did some digging and, not terribly surprisingly, travel and fitness came up for “over half of all millennials on social media.”

Claire Bennett, the Executive Vice President over at American Express Travel, tells Uproxx, “millennials are avidly seeking travel experiences that are personalized, with an emphasis on fitness — and regularly look to social media for inspiration and trending properties.”

It makes sense that millennials would be willing to spend some serious money on the best fitness experiences at a once-in-a-lifetime hotel or resort — our generation is known for favoring everything exclusive and bespoke. Hotels have brought onboard champion swimmers to teach lessons. Yoga masters lead classes on idyllic beaches and city rooftops alike. A few hotels even brought on “running concierges” to help lodgers find the best routes through the cities, parks, beaches, or mountains that surround their property. Other hotels offer rotating programs to fit the landscape — hit yoga on the beach one day, bike around the hills the next, run through a vineyard the day after that.

Properties are also courting young people by appealing to social media users. “The hospitality industry is beginning to branch out to partner with fitness influencers to attract this sector of travelers,” says Bennett. “For instance, The Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne in Miami, recently collaborated with the Tone it Up Girls to host fitness retreat of approximately 500 millennial women on property.”

Below are some dream hotels that are listening to millennials and stepping up their fitness game:


The Four Seasons Haulalai was crowned the best equipped fitness center in the hotel biz. They offer barre fusion, hot bikram yoga, aqua calisthenics, and bouldering on a 24-foot climbing wall. There’s also a huge selection of various, more classic workout classes going on every day for you to join. Personal trainers are on staff to make sure you keep your routine on schedule. Plus, you’re in Hawaii, so a good break and a surfboard are never far away.

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