The Pronunciation Of Reese’s Is Sending Twitter Into A Candy-Induced Spiral Of Confusion


Anyone who has ever been online knows that the internet dwelling populace tends to get torn apart by seemingly meaningless debates. It’s one of the cardinal rules of Twitter usage: if you have an opinion, someone is going to argue with you about it. Families and friendships have been ripped asunder by The Dress and how a dog would wear pants, and one of the classics, how to pronounce ‘Reese’s’ has once again reared its ugly head. Welcome to hell.
To be fair, Reese’s themselves addressed the “controversy” back in April, taking (quite frankly) the coward’s way out.

It should be clear: it’s pronounced as a possessive. However, as with all internet debates, there will always be dissenters who just want to watch the world burn. Ignore the naysayers and hold onto your truth.

There will probably be plenty of people to rain on Twitter’s parade, dismissing it as stupid and superficial. Well, yeah. However, the world is pretty dark right now, and sometimes people need a little distraction when things get bleak. We could all use some chocolate peanut butter awesomeness these days, even if we’re inevitably going to fight over it. No matter how you pronounce it, go get some Reese’s. You deserve it.