The Definitive Guide To Buying Cheap Flights In 2019

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Flights are going to be cheap in 2019. In fact, flights are cheap right now. What’s up, shoulder season?! Flight watchers like Hopper have January flights dropping by up to three percent this month and slowly rising again, starting in February. But it’s not as simple as logging onto your favorite airline’s webpage and just paying 50 bucks to get across the country.

While flights around the world are currently priced more aggressively than ever, you have to shop these flights. To score incredible deals you’ll want to keep a keen eye on sales via flight aggregators. You have to be smart about when you buy a flight (no, we don’t mean hitting “purchase” on Tuesdays, that’s a well-debunked myth). You also have to stop procrastinating and sign up for loyalty programs and switch to travel-focused credit cards for purchases; otherwise, a lot of this is just idle talk.

If you’re looking for that amazingly cheap flight in 2019, then follow the advice below. You will find a great deal. You can get those prime upgrades. The open road is waiting for you.