This Color-Changing Cake Will Blow Your Mind

This isn’t video trickery, or special icing, or CGI. This is a real cake that really does change colors when you look at it from different angles. How it works is a play on how we perceive light, and something you can do at home, well, provided you have a food-grade airbrush at home.

Here’s how this trick works: If you look closely, you’ll notice the cake’s frosting has extremely sharp peaks, creating distinct “sides” on the icing; you can generally do this with a frosting comb or a similar decorating tool, and you’ll need to cover the cake with some pretty stiff icing for the best effect. To blow minds at your next bake sale, you just need to spray each “side” with a different color using an airbrush. It’s essentially a lenticular effect, only instead of a baseball player swinging a bat, you’ve got different colors on a cake.

True, to pull this off you’ll need to drop at least $90 on a food-grade airbrush. On the other hand, it’ll be entirely worth it when you spray one side of the cake black and blue and the other side white and gold, and then just leave the cake out in the break room at work. That airbrush will pay for itself by lunch.

(Via Gizmodo)