McDonald’s Is Selling 50¢ Double Cheeseburgers For The Next Two Days, Here’s How To Get One

McDonald’s greatest combo meal isn’t an official combo meal at all, it’s a collection of various value menu items that’ll run you less than $5. That all-powerful combination consists of a double cheeseburger, a small order of fries, and a coke, a perfect trifecta of salty meaty flavors that will convince anyone of the addictive power of McDonald’s. And for the next two days, you can get that meal even cheaper.

As part of McDonald’s month-long SZN of Sharing promotion, Double Cheeseburgers will be sold for just 50¢ through December 8th and December 9th. How do you score this ultra-cheap burger? You’re, unfortunately, going to have to use the app, opt-in to the SZN of Sharing promotion and place an order for pick-up. We know that downloading an app you don’t want is about as fun as signing up for a rewards program when you’re shopping at the mall, but if you’re not doing it for the dirt cheap double cheeseburgers, at least do it for your chance to win the legendary McGold Card.


If you win, the McGold Card will get you free McDonald’s for life and as part of the SZN of Sharing promotion. You can enter to win the McGold Card once a day every time you make a mobile order. To incentivize you to order, McDonald’s will be offering new food and merch deals for the next three weeks over the app. Sure, you’re going to have to spend money, so it’s clearly a ploy to get you to use the McDonald’s app, but for the next two days that’s only going to cost you 50¢ and even if you don’t win the McGold Card you’re going to get one of McDonald’s best menu items for an amount of money you can probably find somewhere in your car.

Win-win! And who knows, you just might win that McGold Card and never have to pay for McDonald’s again for the rest of your life. There will only be three McGold card winners, so your chances are incredibly slim, but each winner will score a total of four cards, one to keep and three to give to friends and family. Nothing says “holiday season” like making your friends and family fight to the death to score one of those cards.

Or you know, however, you want to dole them out. It’s your life.