The Easiest Way To Register To Vote — Right This Second — For The Midterms


Happy National Voter Registration day! It’s no secret that we’re fast approaching what may go down as one of the most important elections in American History, certainly in our lifetimes. The midterm elections are exactly 41 days away and if you’ve been sitting back biding your time to register to vote, it’s time to get dialed in. We recognize, of course, that life happens — so we’re going to make it as easy as possible to make sure you’re registered and ready to let your voice be heard this November.

Over at Vote.Gov they’ve made the process as easy as possible, simply select your state in the drop down menu and they’ll give you all the information you need to get you registered, providing handy links if your state allows online registration (most do!). In a addition to that, they provide information on what first-time voters can expect as well as info on your particular state’s laws regarding voting. We aren’t going to make you fish for that either, because this is just far too important.

Did you register but now you’re wondering where your local polling place is? Wonder no longer! This map will help you track down where to cast your vote.

Does your state require voter I.D. and if so, which is a valid form of I.D.? Find out here!

If an administrative error has occurred or you’ve wandered off to the wrong polling place, you should know your vote can still be counted by provisional ballot. And some states have weird laws about first-time voters or exceptions to voter I.D. requirements and the National Conference of State Legislators has a site for that. If you’re going to be out of town, or need to vote early, don’t feel like you’ll be excluded from the political process — you can always vote as an absentee.

Finally, if for some reason you’re interested in how state voter rules differ, the United States Government has you covered. And there are a whole host of other sites out there full of information on how to register as easily as possible.

Really at this point, you have to be asking yourself if you aren’t registered, “What am I doing?” It’s simple, get it done today.