These Soldiers Put Together The Only Memorial Day Tribute Song You’ll Ever Need

Memorial Day might mean a long weekend, barbecuing, and the start of white-pants season, but for a lot of people, it means so much more. And if anyone knows how to honor those who have fallen in the service of their country, it’s the contemporary country duo, Interstate 10.

A quick primer for those who haven’t heard of Interstate 10: the group is headed by Justin Wright of Tallahassee, Florida and Andrew Yacovone of Hollister, California, both of whom are Ranger Qualified Army officers. According to Interstate 10’s YouTube channel, “Their music incorporates traditional country with modern beats and story lines, making it perfect for good-time listening.”

The twist in Interstate 10’s story comes in the fact that they’re currently deployed to Afghanistan. But their new environment hasn’t stopped them from continuing to make music together: Wright and Yacovone are “determined to engage with their loved ones back home through their music.”

Which is where their new song, “I’m Gonna Miss You” — and the music video they created for it — come in. It’s a beautiful, touching tribute to their families and to the friends they’ve lost in the service. As the video’s description reads:

Memorial Day is about remembering the ones we lost and supporting their loved ones. It’s about celebrating the lives they lived. Thanking them for allowing us the opportunity to come home safe, and most of all, thanking them for a second chance to hug our loved ones.

They have vouched to donate $500 to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation if they reach 100,000 views on the YouTube music video between Friday’s release and midnight of Memorial Day. This video and song are in memory of all the soldiers who have died fighting for our country. Especially those they knew personally: 2LT Justin L. Sisson, PFC Jacob H. Wykstra, SSG Benjamin G. Prange, and PV2 Keith M. Williams.

The video has already more than doubled that goal of 100,000 views. Since then, Interstate 10 has decided to donate 100% of the single’s iTunes sales to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, as well.

“The guys are extremely thankful for the love and support of their fans, family, and country,” they write. “They couldn’t have done this without you. God bless.”

Check out the full video below, and get some Kleenex ready if it hits close to home for you.