Feast On Every Morsel Of The In-N-Out Secret Menu With This Handy Video Tour

Secrets are fun, aren’t they? You get to whisper a bunch, learn new things and feel godlike power for a tidy ten seconds after your reveal the shh!worthy details to someone else. The good foodie folks over at Foodbeast are offering some dish on In-N-Out’s fabled “secret menu” and now you’ll get to cram this information into your brain and foodhole. No blood oath of silence necessary.

In a zippy, saucy, girth-expanding sub-three minute clip, Foodbeast break down the menu hacks that can enhance your dining experience at this devotion inspiring burger chain. Not only is the fabled secret menu real, but it confirms that the legendary “animal style” and “monkey style” offerings aren’t just playground mythology. They’re real things you can gorge on to the horror of your poor overworked cardiologist.

For those steeped in In-N-Out lore, the bulk of this secret menu will seem pretty familiar. For those that aren’t? You may be spending a large chunk of today trying to sort out if there’s a way you can scarf down multiple orders of “Roadkill Fries” without shame. It’s probably an impossible feat to pull off, but who are you trying to impress? Embrace the secret.

(via Sploid)