The Internet Is Angry About A Pie Chart Showing A Wealthy 25-Year-Old’s Monthly Budget


Millennials are the most cash-strapped generation in generations. Crippled by student loan debt and an abusive job market, they’re unable to buy houses, cars, and many of the other big basics their parents could afford at their age. So when CNBC posted a pie chart, breaking down the budget of a successful 25-year-old who makes an appalling $100,000 a year and is “excellent with money,” it, well…no, it didn’t go well.

Some items that rankled the internet’s nerves: The millennial in question was paying relatively nothing in rent. He had a house cleaner. His groceries were $400 a month. His cell phone bill was $40. And he somehow was comfortable enough to donate $615 12 times a year.

Those who actually clicked on the link and read the article in question learned this was not necessarily meant to be representative of this person’s generation. The subject in question was abnormally successful: A Boston-based entrepreneur, who went into business for himself and works appallingly long hours to make what he does. Good on him! But not good on the CNBC social media manager, whose attached pie chart image wound up being misleading.

That said, when the internet decides to collectively shake their fists at a perceived indignity — even if it’s slightly undeserved, as in this case — it is kind of beautiful.