Here Are The Top 20 Reasons You Need To Ditch iOS8 and Upgrade To iOS9 Immediately

There is literally nothing worse (war, famine, etc.) than updating your phone. That’s why so many people always have that notification that an iOS update is available. If you’ve been holding off from updating to iOS9, however, you just might be shooting yourself in the foot. That’s because unlike earlier updates, iOS9 is basically a whole new world. A whole new world in which you can do more than 20 things you’ve never been able to before.

If you’re on the fence about the time it takes to update (about 20 minutes), Fieldguide’s got a whole bunch of reasons why you should take the plunge immediately.

Here are just some of the ways the new operating system will change your life (because that’s a thing updates can do now):

Hide photos

While we’re on the topic of pictures, iOS 9 lets you hide more sensitive material from view as well (just in case your friends grab your iPhone). On the Share menu you’ll find a handy new Hide option, though images are still visible (and can be unhidden) through the Albums view inside the app.

Finally, finally, finally! All those embarrassing selfies you took of yourself? Gone from view! All those images you downloaded from r/gonewild? Disappeared! You can now hand your phone over to your friends without any worry that they’re going to stumble upon something strange or embarrassing. And you don’t even have to buy any apps to do it, which was the only way to work around the issue before.

Manage battery life

iOS 9 wants to ease your battery life woes with a new low power mode that you can activate from the Battery menu inside Settings (it switches off a few background processes and can add up to an hour of life). Your battery icon turns yellow and you get a percentage view of the juice that’s left.

This is probably just wishful thinking, but the new update does promise more battery life. And if your phone dying on you is something that’s plagued your existence, perhaps low power mode will help you send just a few more text messages. I actually wouldn’t mind if my phone weighed more as long as it could hold a charge longer.

Block out the ads

Controversially, Safari on iOS now supports mobile ad blockers, so you can browse the internet at large free from memory-hogging, attention-grabbing promotions. If you go into the Safari section of Settings, you’ll see a new Content Blockers option, though you need to install one (or more) first.

But then again, why would you want to? How many free Macbooks and Sears gift cards will you be missing if you do? Although, the memory this frees up may be a little bit worthwhile.

That’s just the beginning. Head over to Fieldguide to check out the 20 other equally cool things you can do now that iOS9 is out. And yes, Friday night is a perfect time to update. No one’s going to judge you. Trust me.

And if all that’s not enough, remember that burrito and taco emoji are now here.

(Via Fieldguide)