Pennywise Looks Terrifying Yet Tasty In This ‘It’ Cake Guide Showing Off A Temping Halloween Dessert

There’s no delicate way to say this, so I’ll get right to it. Nestled above is a video about summoning your own Pennywise and putting that scary-ass clown directly into your culinary plans. If that’s sounds freaky that’s because it is freaky. Freaky as hell.

JK Denim has gifted the world a guide on how to make your own Pennywise cake. Naturally, even the early stages of the how-to are terrifying. We haven’t even gotten to the fondant eyes yet and I’m already clawing at the walls. Unlike some other spooky cakes we’ve featured before, this one isn’t going to be cool with the Disney market at any stage.

“I baked a red velvet cake because blood, that’s why,” explains our host as we travel through the steps to turn cake into clown cake.

The finished product looks like a fantastic centrepiece for a Halloween spread littered with fun-size candy and whatever the opposite bags of pennies are. Or maybe you just want to eat a cake that looks like Pennywise on a Tuesday morning. We’re not here to judge. Speaking of which, Denim had enough of the creepy creation and took it out on edible Pennywise. The results of which are chilling, by the way.

Hopefully you’ll just eat your own clown cake.