Italy Is Ready To Teach Kids About Wine In School, And It Might Be A Great Idea

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Wine is the best, and Italy arguably makes the best wine, so naturally the Italian government is considering legislation to officially teach wine in schools around the country.

According to Quartz, Senator Dario Stefano “drafted a bill to get Italian children, aged 6 to 13, to learn about wine in primary schools, with one hour a week dedicated to ‘wine culture and history.’ ”

This is because Italian wine is awesome, right? But more than that, it truly unifies a country as culturally diverse as Italy. “We have more vines than churches,” says Stefano, with wine-making occurring in every Italian region, and the industry bringing $39 billion in tourism, and providing 1.25 million jobs in the country. So, it makes sense to teach the essentials of this industry to the children who might very well be its future.

The Quartz article writer recalls learning about wine in science class when she was growing up in Italy, so that seems like a fun way to get kids into the sciences. Italian schools can also teach how climate change is bad, because it’s apparently making French wine tastier than theirs.

And with Italy trying to get Neapolitan pizza on the UNESCO cultural heritage list, maybe they should try to do the same thing with their world famous vino.

(Via Quartz)