Blake Shelton Tries Sushi For The First Time With Jimmy Fallon And It Goes As Well As You’d Expect

Think fast: Off the top of your head, can you name a person under the age of, say, 60 who has never tried sushi before? I bet you can’t do it! Even my own mother, who is 66 years old and not a particularly adventurous eater, has tried sushi in her life. (She didn’t hate it, for the record, but said that she’d just prefer to “eat other things.”)

You know who’s never tried sushi? Six-time Grammy Award nominee Blake Shelton. That is until this week, when Jimmy Fallon took Shelton to Nobu (side note: I would like someone to take me to Nobu) for his very first authentic sushi experience.

Things get off to a rocky start when Fallon invites his guest to sample some sake. For some reason, Shelton can’t wrap his head around the concept of what he pronounces “rass wine” (because Blake Shelton has also apparently never heard of “rice” before), an alcoholic beverage he likens to the taste of Easter egg coloring.

Moving on to the nigiri portion of the meal, Shelton and Fallon start off with the tuna and, although Shelton (using an adorable pair of kiddie chopsticks) compares the texture to “Play-Doh,” he admits, “I will say this to you right now, man to man, I like that. I like how that tasted.” Before you think he’s making any strides, however, Shelton remarks “I don’t like that” after trying the yellowtail.

Things only go downhill from there as the dishes get more adventurous, although Fallon manages to make up for the whole ordeal with one final surprise course. He’s all yours, Gwen. Good luck trying to take this guy someplace nice.