Ken Bone Milks The Last Drop Out Of His 15 Minutes For Izod With This PSA To Get People To Vote

Ken Bone claims to be keeping his vote a secret because he doesn’t want to affect the outcome of this very important presidential election, if there are actually people out there who would vote based on what a human internet meme tell them. But while Bone — or “Boner” as I am imagine he’s affectionately called — may not want to influence the vote itself, one thing he’s been adamant about since stumbling upon viral fame is that he wants to encourage people to get out and vote period, regardless of which candidate they’re voting for.

And freaky internet habits aside, there’s something you have to respect about that. So for his “fifteenth minute” of fame, Bone headed to Washington D.C. for Izod, the manufacturer of the very red sweater that helped make him famous, to film this short PSA encouraging people to get out the vote. “I’m pretty high on the wave of the political process right now,” Bone states over footage of him taking selfies with fans around the nation’s capital. “I want to be able to see the heart of it.” He continues, “I’m not a politician, I’m just a guy with a positive message.” A positive message, and a very, very red sweater. Enjoy this last fleeting minute, Ken Bone.

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