This Kid Eating Bacon For The First Time Is All Of Us

Most of us probably don’t remember the first time we wrapped our lips around the pork-flavored nirvana that is bacon. But this kid sure will — because his family managed to get it on video. The description of the video reads, “My son, Easton, tried bacon for the first time Christmas morning and his reaction was priceless!” But any bacon-lover who watches the video can identify with Easton, right down to the screaming of “Bacon! Bacon! BACON!” (Or, oh. Is that just me who does that?)

So far the video has just over 11,000 views, with seven dislikes. As one commenter states, “I hope whoever disliked this video never gets to eat bacon again for the rest of their life!”

And to combine the words of two other commenters, welcome to the Cult of Bacon, Easton. It’s an ecstasy of awesome for the mouth over here.