This Tiny Kitten Survived A 12-Mile Ride In A Running Car Engine

05.19.16 3 years ago

Cats are awesome. Where would the internet be without them? Well, the internet would probably be doing just fine, but funny cat videos and feel-good cat stories  makes everyone’s day a little brighter. Some cats are cute, some cats are crazy, and some cats are cute with a badass edge to them. You can put this adorable kitten in the cute badass category.

Honda is only five weeks old and managed to go exploring without his mother and thought an excellent chill-out place would be inside the engine bay of a car. Honda soon found out this wasn’t the best decision once the car was started and the driver took a 12-mile journey from Deer Park to Parkville in Victoria, Australia. After an eight-hour workday, it was time to drive home, and that’s when the car’s owner heard tiny meows coming from the front of her car.

Firefighters were called to locate the kitten, and sure enough they found him right in the radiator grill and were able to rescue him.

Dr Russell Harrison of Lort Smith Animal Hospital told The Age that despite the extreme conditions, the newly-named Honda the Cat only suffered from minor burns to his back paws and was extremely hungry. I get hungry in a long car ride anyway and I’m not sitting in the engine bay, so of course this kitten needed to chow down! The cat was affectionately named after where humans found him and was reunited with his mother cat, and I’m sure she grounded him for several weeks for running off and already wasting one of his nine lives.

(Via The Age)

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