It’s Time To Mourn Loki, The Internet’s Most Famous Corgi

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Uproxx or the internet in general, you’ve probably run across Loki the corgi. His easy demeanor and willingness to get dressed up in any number of embarrassing outfits (not to mention how good he looks in a blanket) led him to internet superstardom. Loki had thousands of fans across Facebook, YouTube, and especially Instagram. This week, they are mourning his tragic passing.

Loki was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease last year, and his humans did their best to manage it, but last week he took a turn for the worse and had to be admitted to the emergency hospital for dialysis. It wouldn’t take, and Loki, who warmed thousands of hearts each day, was no longer.

Loki’s death isn’t just sad for all his fans, it’s personal for those of us who have loved and lost an animal companion. In January, I suddenly lost my best friend Eli, who bore a striking resemblance to the famed corgi (and shared similar personalities). My wife and I were helped through the grieving process (which is still ongoing) in large part by Loki, whose ridiculous Instagram game brought a smile to our faces almost every day. Through Loki I learned that I didn’t have to cry when mourning my dog and that smiling at the great experiences we’ve had is an important way to pay tribute to his memory. This week, even though many of us shed tears for Loki and his humans, it’s impossible not to smile and thank him for so many great moments.

In an internet landscape full of general awfulness, Loki the corgi and his hamster going on adventures was a bright spot. They will always be a bright spot. Very few things can get better than this:

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Fighting crime with @lokis_hamster

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My body is a wonderland (ft. @lokis_hamster)

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A GoFundMe for Loki was created due to the extremely expensive cost of dialysis. His owners asked for $15K, and over $30,000 was quickly raised. They will be donating the leftovers to various charities.