Hit These Spots To Outdo Kevin McCallister The Next Time You Get ‘Lost In New York’

12.22.15 3 years ago
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No film in recent memory has presented the city of New York as such a boundless canvas for mischief and adventure as Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Which is now streaming on HBO Now).  It’s a quintessential piece of New York City cinema. You know the list: Manhattan, Mean StreetsHome Alone 2.

Being that the movie is 23 years old, you’re (probably, hopefully) an entirely different person than you were when you saw it and dreamed of escaping to the big city. The allure of going on a solo adventure through the Big Apple may not seem so crazy anymore, but it’s still every bit as exciting.

Should the mood strike to revisit the spirit of Kevin McCallister’s time in the city, we say avoid the Wet Bandits, Tim Curry torture, and near death experiences. Instead, elevate your tastes and check out these more sophisticated and subdued spots:

The Strand Bookstore

No New York City trip is complete without charging an absurd amount of money at one of Manhattan’s staples — a place bursting at the seams with books on everything from 18th century philosophy to the latest dystopian novels. The building is loaded with volumes by Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain, Patti Smith, and Toni Morrison.

The Strand has a number of rare books, so it’s a good place to search for self-help titles like Why Do My Parents Keep Leaving Me Alone on Christmas?

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