Forget That Box Of Lucky Charms, You Can Now Buy The Marshmallows By The Pound

Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows…and not a single toasted oat in sight. Last October, Lucky Charms got everyone’s hopes up when they announced a contest to win one of 10 boxes of all-marshmallow cereal. Ten boxes! You’d need the luck of a hundred cartoon leprechauns to win that! First we were given our childhood dreams and then they were cruelly torn right from our heaving chests! The humanity.

Wait just a minute, though, because it turns out we were all chumps — the stuff’s been available on Amazon since at least June 2015, and an inside source (read: the author) tells us they’ve been on the shelves of a popular Shipshewana, Indiana Amish bulk goods store for at least the past 10 years.

But news is news, and now, thanks to ABC 7’s breaking reporting, the word’s out to the sugar-starved world: a pound of the freeze-dried mini marshmallows is available on Amazon for $11.49. The caveat, of course, is that the marshmallows are called “Cereal Charms” and aren’t exactly the same found in Lucky the Leprechaun’s boxes — they’re produced by Medley Hills Farms.

Reviewers, though, love the stuff, calling them “magically delicious” (of course), “my soulmate snack,” “a childhood dream come true,” and “so wrong, but so right.”

Similar-looking marshmallows are also available from other sellers, so definitely shop around if you feel ready for a big ol’ bowl of diabeetus. For example, $11.08 gets you 21 ounces of Kraft-made marshmallows from Discount Herbals — nearly 20 cents less per ounce than Medley Hills’ offering.

And don’t just limit yourself to the marshmallows-in-milk route of consumption. Medley Hills suggests adding them to hot chocolate or baked treats, and reviewers report adding them to ice cream, trail mix, and Rice Krispy treats. But you can just eat them right out of the bag if you want. We aren’t judging.

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