This Man Decides To Try The Spiciest Noodles In The World And Has Some Instant Regrets

Meet Ben. Ben has his own Youtube channel that features him trying crazy foods from all around the world. He’s eaten everything from snake with a side of cobra blood to fish butter and bacon-wrapped cheeseburgers in the name of food, travel, and fun — his channel’s de facto slogan. But Ben just made a huge mistake in his quest to sample some of the planet’s weirdest delicacies.

The Youtuber journeyed to Indonesia with a few friends to snack on some strange foods. After previously dining on a snake and downing some cobra blood, he upgraded to his latest challenge — eating the spiciest noodles in the world. As Ben points out, anyone can buy a pack of spaghetti noodles, flavor it with extract and Carolina reapers and wait for their mouth to catch fire, but the noodles served at Abang Adek in Indonesia are the spiciest noodles you can buy commercially. If you’d like to make a drinking game out of watching this video, may we suggest knocking one back every time Ben says “spiciest noodles in the world”?

Ben is at peak anxiety level before even making it to the restaurant — attempting to ingest flaming Indomie noodles apparently causes you to contemplate your place in the universe. After waxing poetic about how he could be ending world wars — couldn’t we all Ben — he heads inside and orders the “mampus” flavored noodles. “Mampus” means death, so you know how this is going to go.

The noodles are prepared normally before adding 100 bird’s eye chillis into the mix. Let’s repeat that: 100 chillis.

One of Ben’s friends agrees to eat the dish with him and the two cheer each other with chopsticks before shoveling a heaping pile of noodles and chili seeds down their throats. While friend stops after one bite to complain about how hot the meal is, Ben just keeps going. He doesn’t have to finish the whole thing — his concerned buddy with the video camera repeats this several times — but Ben’s a champ and he knows the only way people will be interested in this video is if they see him sweating profusely, ready to hurl his guts out on camera, which he does just moments later.

Okay, he doesn’t actually throw up, but the chillis soon begin to take their toll, causing Ben to strip off some of his clothes, down multiple glasses of bubble tea, eat bananas, stick his head under running water, lose his hearing and (fittingly) reconsider why he ever thought to take on such a dangerous, stupid food challenge.

In case you’ve now been tempted to jet over to Indonesia and order some mampus, take Ben’s advice. Just don’t.