Watch This Man Propose The Moment His Girlfriend’s Hearing Is Restored

The internet can often be a horrible place, but this video of a man proposing to his girlfriend immediately after her cochlear implant is activated goes a long way toward its redemption. After her doctor activates the implant, Andrea Diaz is understandably overwhelmed and emotional at the sound of her own voice. Then her boyfriend proposes and her reaction after she says yes is probably the sweetest thing you’ll see all day. All month.

“So much is going on,” she says between excited breaths. Diaz wipes tears from her eyes, while assuring her new fiancé she loves him, and let’s not forget, hearing his voice at the same time!

We’ll just be over here heaving, like shoulders shuddering, tears flowing, hysteria much like we did when this woman told her deaf husband she was pregnant.

Somehow, through all of our emotion we, like several other viewers, did have a question about Diaz’ experience. How is she able to speak so well? Leave it to comment threads to answer all of our questions AND provide some always appreciated sassy wit.

Thank you internet, for making us feel all the things today!