A Man Is Suing Del Taco After Claiming That Eating The Chain’s Food Put Him Into A Coma

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Everyone feels the inevitable food coma after participating in some delicious gorging, but one man reportedly got into a real one after eating Del Taco. A man in California has sued the chain, claiming eating the food put him into a coma, as reported by TMZ.

Any regular taco consumer will have their bouts of indigestion or heartburn, but being put into a coma because of one’s love of tacos seems a bit odd. Yet that appears to be the case for an Orange County man who ate two tacos and a quesadilla from the restaurant chain. The 57-year-old alleges after he consumed his meal, he proceeded to vomit it all up and was in tremendous pain for days afterward, causing his esophagus to bleed. He was then raced to the ER, placed in the ICU and “slipped into a coma” for three days.

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