Power Ranking McDonald’s Best Breakfast Sandwiches

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We’ve all been there: Running out the door, already late for work, and in need of a quick calorie bomb for breakfast. We jump in the car, put on our favorite podcast, and head towards the job for another day. On the way, we have to make a stop for some fuel. For decades, McDonald’s has provided the quick release from morning hunger pangs before our day gets underway. Breakfast is so important to the fast food joint that it straight up saved them (and hurt the competition) a few years back.

Back in 1972, Santa Barbara McDonald’s franchisee Herb Peterson debuted his quick take on Eggs Benedict, the Egg McMuffin. It was a nationwide hit. The next big innovation came in 1985 when the Canadian bacon on the sandwich was switched out for a savory sausage patty — a real game changer. From there, McDonald’s has consistently expanded it breakfast sandwich menu to include 12 different sandwiches along with a smattering of other items.

But we’re not here today to talk about pancakes and wraps. We’re here to talk about the absolute best option you have when you screech into your next McDonald’s drive-thru with only minutes to spare before you’ll be ‘technically’ late for work. It’s about the perfect mix of buttery toasted bread, melty cheese, savory meats, and supple eggs. McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are fast, easy, and cheap. And they’re almost always god-damn-delicious.

12. Sausage McGriddles

Well, this list has to start somewhere. There’s nothing really wrong here. It’s just a bit boring. It’s just a sausage patty between two McGriddles. That’s it. It kind of feels like you ordered a regular sausage with egg and cheese and they forgot the egg and cheese.

Who wants that? Go big or go home!

11. Sausage Biscuit

This one edges out the Sausage McGriddles simply because McDonald’s biscuits are nice and buttery and have more oomph to them then the sweet McGriddles. So, while there’s still a bit of a boring factor at play, this one is a little more filling.

Serious #hangover food #sausagebiscuit

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