The Best Breakfast Foods On Earth, According To The Masses

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04.28.17 16 Comments

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It’s time to rank the most important meal of the day, breakfast. This is the big one. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what’s the best at breakfast. Hell, we can barely get over our potatoes not being cut in a specific way, much less how they’re cooked (blanched then fried in lard, obvs).

You know what else we love almost as much as breakfast? Ranking every part of our lives. So this is a pretty sweet pairing.

Over at Ranker, they asked their users to pick the best part of waking up. Bacon? Smoothies? (haha, no) A nice bowl of sugary cereal? Well, the people of the internet cast 44,000 votes and these breakfast foods came up in the top ten.

One quick side note: Biscuits and gravy arrived at 37th place, while breakfast burritos landed in the 34th spot. Yet another reminder: Humanity cannot be trusted.



This beloved classic has a lot of nostalgia packaged with tons of sugar and maybe even a prize. Or you can hit nice grains with some dried fruit to make a Muesli… if you’re boring. Magically, cereal outranked breakfast burritos by 24 spots.

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