McDonald’s Is Bringing Us The Miracle Of Loaded Bacon Fries

McDonald’s are giving their trademark french fries a decadent makeover and I don’t mean Grimace shavings.

You’re not hallucinating. (Or you are, but you’re right about the fry thing.) What you see above is a Loaded Bacon & Cheese Basket of Fries. The sharable basket contains the standard golden potato javelins topped with cheddar cheese sauce and applewood-smoked bacon for added gorging pizazz. The cruel twist about this compelling menu item is that it’s not up for grabs everywhere at the moment. Brand Eating reports that only participating restaurants in the Greater Pittsburgh area, Central West Virginia, Southeast Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky will get to try the loaded line of fries.

If McDonald’s rolls out with their Loaded Basket in more markets it would certainly give Wendy’s and their Baconator Fries a more direct fast food rival. Of course, there’s also a chance that the McDonald’s way of making this type of thing (they aren’t the first) could go the way of the Arch Deluxe or McPizza. How things pan out in those select guinea pig locations will likely tell the tale. Here’s hoping this venture inspires McDonald’s to try out some other daring newness in the fry department in a region near year.

(Via Brand Eating & Today)