Would You Take Ordering Advice From McDonald’s’ New Weather-Based Menus?

Getty Image / Justin Sullivan

Fantastic news for fast food enthusiasts who want to shove McDonald’s food in their nutrition hole but need the choice to sync up with the weather outside! The Grimace-breeding burger chain has revealed a new scheme that combines their salty offerings with the local forecast.

Business Insider reports that McDonald’s is introducing digital menus that will recommend certain items based on the weather. Is it cold out? This bit of technology will suggest warm beverages and hearty fare. Too hot? Bring on the McFlurry sales pitch. A hurricane? Who knows? Maybe a muffin? That last one’s a bit tricky.

“It can monitor temperature outside and it will know which products sell better at hotter or colder temperatures and promote those products,” said McDonald’s U.S. President Mike Andres at an investor meeting earlier this week.

The upcoming magical menu boards will also feature “moving images” of the food to connect with customers and grab their eye. It’s another move made by the fast-food giant during an era where there’s some questions about the future and financial health of the company.

Skeptical about this rollout? Are you too smart to fall for weather-based meal suggestions? Well, these menu boards have been tried out on Canadians and they’ve apparently been a hit. According to Andres, customers wound up dropping more money per transaction in the McDonald’s locations where the menus popped up.

Is it savvy advertising or are Canadians just easily manipulated dopes? We’ll find out on this side of the border when the menu boards are rolled out. All U.S. locations are expected to get these contraptions before the end of 2016.

(Via Business Insider)