McDonald’s Will Soon Be Offering Dollar Menu Mozzarella Sticks Nationwide

McDonald’s has been going all out trying to lure customers back to the golden arches, whether it’s all-day breakfast, vegan burgers, extra meat burgers to counterbalance the vegan ones, or even a sexy Hamburglar, they’ll stop at nothing (short of making higher-quality products) to get us through the double-wide door for some delicious, addictive cheese.

And now McDonald’s has begun an experiment in New York state which will expand nationwide in 2016, expanding our waistlines in turn. And that strategy involves selling three mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce for only a dollar. Don’t mind if I do.

McDonald’s is looking to reverse a trend; for the past two years, sales have dropped every quarter except for the most recent one. In addition to the mozzarella sticks — which are fried before shipping, then baked on-site — McDonald’s has also been testing sweet potato fries in Amarillo, Texas.

Here’s what the mozzarella sticks look like in the wild:

Let’s get fat.

(Via Buzzfeed)