Megalodon Teeth Are Washing Up On North Carolina Shores

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Most of us have memories of walking the shore and picking up shells and sea glass. Hell, if you were lucky, maybe you would come across a whole sand dollar… maybe. Well, kids along the coast of North Carolina are in for a treat this week. Recent storms off the coast have stirred up some awesome prehistoric relics.

In record numbers, locals have reported finding shark teeth from Surf City to North Topsail Beach. North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher fossil experts have said the biggest of the teeth found are six inch long Megalodon teeth, roughly between 2.6 and 15 million years old. Megalodon teeth have been known to bring in an extra couple of bucks too. Shark tooth-to-body-length ratio charts indicate that a six inch tooth would have belonged in the mouth of a 47 ft animal.

Local diving companies have made a business of seeking out these teeth, but with the recent storm activity beach combers are having better luck than the divers.

“Oh my God, like I said, I felt like I was a lottery winner or something,” Denny Bland, one of the beach-combers, told WITN.


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