Whatever You Think About Miley Cyrus, She’s Right To Love Vegemite

Miley Cyrus isn’t known for shying away from tattoos, or most things for that matter (especially if they’re controversial). Vegemite is a controversial food from Australia that has no real parallel in U.S. grocery stores, save for maybe that weird yeast spray at the health food store. You either love the yeast spread, or you hate it. (Okay, you probably hate it, unless your palate is finely tuned to appreciate an overdose of umami flavor.) In that same vein, many would argue you either love Miley’s persona celebritatis, or you hate it.

In that light, the combination of Miley and Vegemite seems almost inevitable. You see where we’re going with this? Miley has new ink, and it’s a jar of Vegemite. While we’re not here to comment on why she got the tattoo (something, something, Aussie boyfriend), we do heartily endorse her love of the beer brewing byproduct. Down under, Vegemite is commonly put on toast (spread VERY thinly until you’re used to it!). As we mentioned, the flavor relies heavily on a umami forward palate and has a slight tinge of licking a beef stock cube… even though it’s vegan. Australians love, love, love it, but if you’re not tuned to the flavor, that’s understandable. Try balancing the richness out with slices of tomato, for some acid, or avocado, for that smooth mouthfeel. It’s chock-full of B vitamins and protein and has almost zero fat.

In case you’re still curious how to eat the yeast spread, here are a few shots of Vegemite being applied in various ways to test your palate.

(Via First We Feast)