Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo Shows She Either Knows The Solar System Very Well Or Not At All

Miley Cyrus isn’t generally known for her cosmology work, and to be fair, when it comes to a knowledge of the solar system, most people get stuck somewhere around the planet that must not be named. So her new tattoo is either a bid to be better known for studying the universe or just incredibly embarrassing.

Cyrus recently posted a photo of her new tattoo on Instagram, which she tags #lilbbjupiter. One potential problem: That may not be Jupiter.

Yes, it sure looks like Saturn, the planet best known for having rings, but let’s take a moment and give Miley the benefit of the doubt. Jupiter may not be widely known in pop culture for having a ring system, but the universe has, indeed, put a ring on it. In fact, rings are fairly common in the Solar System; in addition to Saturn and Jupiter, there are rings around Neptune and yes, around Uranus.

The case against? It’s hard to see Jupiter’s rings from Earth and they’re mostly dust. That said, this is far from the most embarrassing tattoo we’ve seen out there. It’s not even the dumbest tattoo involving Miley. Really, as far as dumb tattoos on musicians go, she’s got a long way to go before she rivals Chris Brown.

(Via Mic)